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Zim Bitcoin exchange, Golix, goes down for hours

Golix, Zimbabwe’s only cryptocurrencies exchange went down for several hours today. It was down since early hours today (we found out at 5AM) and has just been restored. We’ve reached out to Golix CEO, Tawanda Kembo and he’s told us … More

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$160 Million Lost: Can Parity Still Shake Up Ethereum?

To put the project into context, they are trying to achievedsimilar functionality to sidechains, a long-promised bitcoin technology that has stalled for years due to … It’s hosting a workshop bringing together a number of budding decentralized exchanges in Berlin, … More

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Bitcoin podcast reddit

Thing they skip, exchanges is that this overseas asking zooko marshalls to sell them hosting ( bitcoin podcast reddit provider sorry told ) hear your ( troubles i ) think any hosting, provider that uses things like cloudflare CDN … More

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Halong Mining and MyRig Announce Partnership

MyRig (formerly BitmainWarranty) has been providing hosting and retail sales of miners and accessories, PCB design and manufacturing, software … Halong told Bitcoin Magazine that the five-unit minimum per order on their site will remain when ordering direct from Halong, … More