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MOVED: GPU Miner Hosting

Primary developer/maintainer for cgminer and ckpool/ckproxy. ZERO FEE Pooled mining at ckpool.org 1% Fee Solo mining at solo.ckpool.org -ck. Pages: [1]. Print · Bitcoin Forum Bitcoin Mining Mining support (Moderators: gmaxwell, -ck, frodocooper) MOVED: GPU Miner Hosting · « previous … More

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2=% Bitcoin mining hosting review

Bitcoin mining hosting review · free bitcoin stickers. Bitcoin mining ti einai; how to start mining Bitcoin solo; best free Bitcoin lottery; Bitcoin mining amd; win free satoshi; earn Bitcoin playing; satoshi faucet 2017; fastest way to get 1 BitcoinMore

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Stratum proxy on Windows

I am looking to do solo mining on a SHA-256 altcoin by purchasing hashrate from NiceHash. I have the client set up on a Windows Server 2016 VPS and the blockchain is synced. For NiceHash to point the miners to … More

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ZBCH③ Bitcoin mining hosting

Bitcoin mining hosting · bitcoin solo mining multiple gpu. how can i get Bitcoin for free; mining for Bitcoin profitable; where to buy Bitcoin in us; how to get Bitcoin at walmart; what does mining Bitcoin accomplish; how to make … More

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Guiminer set bitcoin client path

Ok so I set up the guiminer, set the client path, username and password and launched the “bitcoin client as a server” yada yada, and now I’m waiting for all the Mining different coins/Multi-Mining; I click solo at … More