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Decrypting ‘Cryptocurrency’

The key feature of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the first of its kind and the largest in terms of both value and market cap, is their decentralized nature, meaning it is neither … Cryptocurrencies are highly vulnerable to hacker … More

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What happens when bitcoins are lost?

There are several different types of Bitcoin clients. Server-assisted clients like blockchain.info rely on centralized servers to do their network verification for them. Although the server can’t steal the client’s bitcoins directly, it can easily execute double-spending-style attacks against … More

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Gdax colocation

Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese In this episode, Byron and Manoj discuss cognitive computing, consciousness, data, DARPA, explainability, and . It was owned by several entities coinbase gdax nano s wallet; fiesta pool server bitcoins kaufen … More

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$400K: Hacker Makes Off With Stellar Lumens in BlackWallet Theft

An unidentified thief has reportedly stolen more than $400,000 in Stellar lumens after hacking the digital wallet provider BlackWallet. According to cybersecurity reearcher Kevin Beaumont, the attacker hijacked BlackWallet’s domain name system (DNS) server over the weekend, adding a piece … More