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Bitcoin surges after launch of futures exchange

Bitcoin investors resumed their wild ride on Sunday, this time in the futures market, sending the price of the crypto-asset soaring — and crashing the Web site of the host exchange. The price skyrocketed by more than $1,200 after the … More

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BlockChain Hosting Services?

What are most popular services that handle block chain hosting and transaction propagation allowing me to keep private key and only signing transactions that will be then handled by that service? Basically I’m looking for a service that host full … More

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Hosting miners

Hello I am interested to invest and buy miner and to host it in USA ( I am not from USA ) ( or maybe in Europe ) Do you know any places or farms that there is an option … More

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Vps for bitcoin

DaftHost Dedicated server hosting, VPS, Shell accounts. Bitcoin increased this season because traders speculated the currency would gain wider acceptance which would rise in cost.An ubuntu VPS I run to host a few basic websites seems to have had … More

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Bithost.io review

Submit Your Hosting Review. . The DocumentDB SDK works in a 32-bit host process when you are using on the CPU, IO, and memory required to complete the operation. io bitcoin hosting package will meet your needs. TheNightSky asks its … More

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Web hosting business

Web hosting is the business whereby you can host your own website. It is the process of to make accessible website or web page. If you have website and want to see online you need two things that you can … More