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Revamped White Hart Lane to host 2018 NFL game

Kodak Announces New Cryptocurrency, Sees Stock Price Soar Exponentially The Rochester-based company announced Tuesday that it’s launching its own digital licensing and cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. The stock has been slumping over the previous year , shedding more than … More

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Secure your Crypto Wallet or Get hacked

Over the last few years, hackers have focused on exchange platforms, digital wallets, ICOs, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), mining companies, virtual private servers and hosting services, and more. The biggest to be reported this year was the bitcoin mining company … More

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The Death of the ICO (And 4 Other 2018 Predictions)

Why would a file hosting company accept payment in Filecoin, when a general-purpose digital asset is so much more liquid and therefore easier to … launched its token in September, while the Interledger Protocol (ILP) was used to connect seven … More